Double Pendulum!

To run the physical interactive:
1️⃣ Connect Sensor 1.
2️⃣ Connect Sensor 2.
3️⃣ Start.
4️⃣ Hide controls.

Full debugging controls:
To draw, you have 3 options:
1️⃣ Move the mouse as you click or hold down Shift.
2️⃣ Drag these sliders:
3️⃣ Connect with sensors over Bluetooth: Sensor 1. Sensor 2.
To clear the canvas, click here.
To fade out, hold down Option/Alt.
To show or hide controls, press Escape.
Export drawing as PNG: Open in new tab. Get QR code.
Interactive: Start. Stop. Current phase:

Create your own unique drawing with chaos theory!

Swing the arms of the double pendulum to begin!

Scan this QR code
to save your drawing!

Let go of the pendulum to start your chaos drawing!

Swinging and drawing...